Review Singkat The Coffee Recipe Book, Daniel Lancaster

Review The Coffee Recipe Book

Judul : The Coffee Recipe Book
Penulis : Daniel Lancaster
Penerbit : Rockridge Press
Asal Ebook : Amazon Kindle

The simple art and tradition of brewing the perfect cup—at home.

Whether it’s a morning drip or an evening espresso martini, amazing coffee is an artform. The Coffee Recipe Book is your guide to understanding how everything comes together for an artisanal coffee drink.

With 50 different recipes ranging from classic cappuccino to specialty lattes, there’s a delicious option for everyone. Easily match the expertise of your favorite cafe, with the perfect mix of the techniques and tools needed to give your daily grind a good home.

The Coffee Recipe Book includes:Day to night—Coffee isn’t just for morning anymore with drinks like Coconut Coffee Smoothie and Coffee Old-Fashioned. Use your bean—A complete guide to coffee beans will help you select the right roast for every brew. In the details—Understand how components like water, bean style, and serving method all mix into the perfect pour.

Brew up the perfect coffee drink just like a barista—in the comfort of your own home.

Review Singkat The Coffee Recipe Book

Kebiasaan aku kalau lagi ingin mendalami sesuatu pasti cari referensi dari buku, dan kali ini aku ingin mendalami bagaimana caranya menyeduh kopi dengan benar, biar ga minum kopi sachet terus. Lanjut cari di amazon dan dapetlah buku ini.

Buku ini sangat lengkap mulai dari pengenalan kopi cara menyeduh kopi sampai ke resep-resep kopi. Sebenarnya banyak buku tentang kopi, tapi yang paling mudah di mengerti buat aku jatuh ke buku ini. 

Buku ini menggunakan bahasa yang mudah di mengerti oleh para beginners. kalau yang lainnya udah harus paham dulu kayak barista-barista. pusing jadinya, mana bahasanya inggris lagi kan? mencernanya 2x hahahaha.

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